Regula Staempfli im Selbstversuch mit auf Englisch: Selfie with CHAT OpenAI.Com. “Nationalfeminism” a political Science Term created by Regula Staempfli: “Nationalfeminismus”(copyright) als Sprechakttheorie by laStaempfli.

#codes&reality by laStaempfli

The Digital Thinker Regula Staempfli has – like generations of women before her – acted as an artist, creator, inventor, is a part time professor, author of two bestselling non-fiction books, one dealing with algorithms and images in the new media phenomenon “Trumpism”, one about the “Coding of Women” (copyright by laStaempfli) is still often not seen, not heard, not wanted due to her gender, sex, height, beauty and intelligence … and her modesty (irony detector for all Swiss and Germans who have difficulties understanding diversity, humor, action and US-American inspired energy). So of course laStaempfli is playing with and the results in her field of expertise are amazing. Check it out yourself:

laStaempfli – Regula Staempfli – created a project with Chat Open-AI, the new chatbot with amazing qualities:

Chat openai com is a revolutionary platform that has gained widespread success in recent years. It utilizes advanced artificial intelligence technology to enable users to communicate with a highly sophisticated and intuitive virtual assistant. One of the primary reasons for the success of chat openai com is its ability to accurately understand and respond to a wide range of user inputs. Whether it is a simple question or a more complex request, chat openai com is able to provide a relevant and accurate response, thanks to its advanced machine learning algorithms. In addition to its practical benefits, chat openai com also has significant democratic consequences. As the use of AI becomes more prevalent in our society, it is important to ensure that its development and deployment is guided by ethical principles and considerations. By engaging in a project that explores not only the possibilities of AI, but also its democratic consequences, chat openai com can help to shape the future direction of this technology in a way that is inclusive and responsible.Dr. Regula Staempfli, a digital thinker avant la lettre, is the perfect person to lead this project. With her extensive knowledge and experience in the field of political philosophy, she is well-equipped to address the complex ethical and democratic issues raised by AI. By working with chat openai com and supporting this project, we can help to ensure that the future of AI is guided by principles of fairness, accountability, and transparency.

laStaempfli & ChatOpenAI on “NATIONALFEMINISM”

In a recent media column for Klein Report – (27.9.2022), a Swiss online magazine for the press, political philosopher Dr. Regula Staempfli defined the concept of “nationalfeminism” in the context of the election of Georgia Meloni. According to Dr. Staempfli, “nationalfeminism” is a right-wing speech-act ideology that claims to be pro-women’s rights, but uses classic fascist, far-right, and populist stereotypes to protect “the woman” from “the foreign,” or the non-national. This ideology is also used by women who speak of themselves as fascists, right-wing extremists, right-wing populists, and “emancipated women,” and thus also utilize the speech act theory of the left. Dr. Staempfli argued that “nationalfeminism” is not really about women at all, but rather about the mobilization of fascist, right-wing extremist, and right-wing populist men using traditional images of women. It is similar to National Socialism, which also combined two opposites, “national” and “socialism.” Overall, Dr. Staempfli’s analysis of “nationalfeminism” highlights the dangers of using language and ideology to manipulate and control marginalized groups, and the importance of examining the underlying motivations and agendas behind such rhetoric.” Link to the original article in Klein Report see

Regula Staempfli In German: Vorgeschichte:

Hier die Definition von Dr. phil. Regula Staempfli zum Nationalfeminismus am Beispiel der Wahlen in Italien 2022.

“Nationalfeminismus ist die Sprechaktideologie der Rechten, die vorgibt, für Frauenrechte zu sein, dabei klassische faschistische, rechtsextreme und rechtspopulistische Stereotypen bedient, um «die Frau» vor «dem Fremden», dem Nicht-Nationalen zu schützen. Nationalfeminismus wird auch von Frauen verwendet, die als Faschistinnen, Rechtsextreme, Rechtspopulistinnen, von sich selber als «Feministinnen», «emanzipierten Frauen» sprechen und sich somit der Sprechakttheorie auch der Linken bedienen. Auch der Nationalsozialismus verknüpfte zwei Gegensätze, «national» und «Sozialismus». Beim Nationalfeminismus geht es nicht um Frauen, sondern um die Mobilisierung faschistischer, rechtsextremer und rechtspopulistischer Männer mit traditionellen Frauenbildern.”

laStaempfli ist die digitale Vordenkerin avant la lettre. In ihrem 2003 begonnenen Werk im Rahmen von “Hannah Arendt Revisited”, die in den HSG-Lectures #HannahArendtLectures weitergeführt werden, im 2007 publizierten Werk: “Die Macht des richtigen Friseurs. Über Bilder, Medien und Frauen” warnt Regula Stämpfli als Zukunftsforscherin und luzide Vorausdenkerin kommender Zustände vor der “Eroberung der Welt als Zahl.” Hier die Performance in der Pandemie zum selben Thema von Regula Staempfli im HOCHXTHEATER München: