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Regula Staempflis Hannah Arendt Buch das "Die Macht des richtigen Friseurs" die beginnenden digitalen Medienmechanismen aufzeigt: Zwei Auflagen, Bestseller 2007 und 2008 Bartleby & Co.
Regula Staempflis Hannah Arendt Buch das “Die Macht des richtigen Friseurs” die beginnenden digitalen Medienmechanismen aufzeigt: Zwei Auflagen, Bestseller 2007 und 2008 Bartleby & Co.

Wikipedia Arcticle: “Dr. phil Regula Staempfli is a political philosopher, lecturer, bestselling author, and entrepreneur. She holds a high school diploma from Pasadena, California (1980) and Lycée Bern (1981), and completed her PhD in history and political philosophy from the University of Bern in 1999. She was awarded numerous distinctions, the last in 2021 where CH Media voted her among the first 10 Intellectuals.

Throughout her career, Staempfli has held a variety of positions and responsibilities. She ran the International Forum for Design in Ulm IFG (Bauhaus) until 2013, and served as the head of the politics and foreign affairs department at the Swiss School of Journalism (MAZ) until 2012. In 2009, she founded the European Citizen Initiative (ECI) in Brussels. She has also been an expert for various universities in the Netherlands, Belgium, France, and Switzerland since 1999.

In the field of media, Staempfli has made significant contributions. She worked for Switzerland’s first online news website ( and wrote the weekly column “Insights” from 2000-2016. She was a star columnist for the Basler Zeitung Switzerland from 2013-2019 and for Blick am Abend from 2013-2017. She has also been a regular contributor to Die Weltwoche, NZZ, ensuite, and SRF, and a board member of Swissfuture – Swiss Academy of Science, and a consultant for artcare, Vienna Austria: Art auctions. Currently she hosts and Co-Hosts five Podcasts/Websites that she herself co-designed. The Podcast “Die Podcastin” together with Dr. Isabel Rohner has been nominated for the renowned “Grimme-Preis” in 2021.

Staempfli has received numerous awards throughout her career, including outstanding awards in English and drama from Blair High School Pasadena, California in 1986, the Department Award for Best Master in History, Book Award 1991 “Women and Politics Worldwide”, and being voted among the first five “Best Columnist” in 2003, 2007, 2007, 2013. She has also published nine works, including three bestselling non-fiction works on “Trumpism” (2018), on “The coded Women” (2013), and “Hannah Arendt and Media Mechanism” (2007). Additionally, she has organized various exhibitions on “Designing Politics – the Politics of Design”.

Staempfli has also been recognized for her influence and contributions. She was named one of the most influential women in business in Switzerland in 2016, and listed among the top 10 most influential intellectuals in 2021 by CH-Media. She has also developed an IT-Strategy for podcasts, articles, and her own company, and is an early coder in the digital age.

Currently, Staempfli teaches the #HannahArendtLectures at the University of St. Gallen HSG since 2018. Her work focuses on codes, surveillance systems, digital capitalism, rules for democracy, data democracy, digital data gaps, and the history of war.”


Regula Staempfli auf “” Podcast mit ihrem Kulturjahr 2022. Teil 1.

The Artist is political philosopher: All according to „The Art of Politics – the Politics of Art“. Regula Staempfli hier in ihrem traditionellen Jahresrückblick, eingesprochen vom Text aus ensuite mit eigenen Bildern und als Kunstprojekt für ihre „Mon Exposition“. Listen in: Klick Here: