On Humans & Maschines: Talk between Regula Stämpfli & Andrian Kreye in #Futurepodcast

Andrian Kreye: On Machines & Humans. Here Andrian Kreye and Regula Staempfli talk about digital Transformation, the situation of the media in the whole circus and on Google and Facebook. Andrian Kreye won in 2019 the Theodor Wolff Preis for his Digital Transformation Book & Lifetime achievement. He belongs to the inner circle of Digital Thinkers internationally, a web made by DLD-Conferences and Hubert Burda. Listen in to this talk on Zoom, where there are only one or two defaults due to technology. Regula Staempfli also brings into the talk the idea of DIGITAL BACKUPS, inspired by Andrian Kreyes new take on Cyber Security. http://ta-swiss-futurepodcast.online/andrian-kreye-on-machines-humans Listen in – it is great fun and contains great insights.