laStaempfli an der Frieze London 2023 A journey from Reykjavík to London.

Frieze London is one of the only fairs to focus only on contemporary art whilst Frieze Masters gives a unique view on the relationship between historical art and contemporary practice. Frieze Masters shows work made before the year 2000, whereas Frieze London presents work created mainly post-2000. Regula Staempfli is invited by a well known Gallery and Art Magazine to review “Die Messe” (as the. Germans say). Messe is such a nice word anyway, because in German it means at the same time religious as well commercial practice: Go out and show the good path. But let’s leave distractions aside – Frieze London follows laStaempflis artistic year with her writing residency in Island June 2023.

In Reyjkiavik laStaempfli collaborated with the fantastic artist HULDA VILHJALMSDÓTTIR ON 21 POSTCARDS FOR THE RENOWNED GALLERY IN VIENNA “RUT’S GALLERY”: HERE SOME INSIGHTS BY INSTAGRAM: Visit Rut’s Gallery @rutsgallery.

“New Project at Rut’s Gallery: “An artistic journey through Iceland”. Dr. Regula Staempfli, podcaster, bestselling author and political philosopher spent her Artist residence in Reykjavík from June 4th to 25th. Every day she collected an art piece which she put in poetic reference and sent the postcard to Rut’s Gallery. Here you will find all the postcards that arrived in Vienna – some of them got lost unfortunately. Most postcards come from HULDA VILHJAMSDOTTIR. JON MAGNUSSON contributed as well as NINA VILHJAMSDOTTIR and Sigridur Rut Marrow.   Rut’s Gallery is planning a vernissage and exhibition with the postcards, hopefully with both artists, Hulda & Regula present. Here you can enjoy a first impression of the artistic journey: Iceland in June 2023.”