Regula Staempfli on “Truth in the Age of Digital Reproduction” Intervention at

laStaempfli: “Truth and Internet are no siblings. Truth, following Hannah Arendt’s paths on thinking reality, is always linked to worldly actuality. Searching for synonyms for the term “truth” in English offers actually “reality”. So it is pretty obvious but rarely discussed that truth in the digital realm is literally lost in space. There is no real world in the net: the internet is worldless – weltverloren in German terms, worthless so to speak when it comes to finding truth. Truth is what remains when all coding stops.

Visuals by Ruben Marques Cassiano, CA student 2021. Oktober 2021

“What happened with trumpism for example is that postfactual truth by Trump and other Selfism-politicians Regula Stämpfli, Trumpism. Ein Phänomen verändert die Welt, Chapter X, Selfism as a political concept. have fed mere repetition of claims digitally. Therefore, Fake News, if repeated enough times, becomes “truth” by mere automatization in the social media. Hashtags, trends, tweets, followers, influencers, codes are not by themselves objective but shaped by the new programming elites. This is, in part, due to a conception of converting complex real-world processes into code, which comprises fallacies and methodological gaps from the very start. Computer programs are not representations of reality; they are essentially stage directions. The transcription of the real into the algorithmic automatically leads to fiction. The methodological oversights of privatized digital infrastructures transform the real world and its inhabitant creatures into subordinates of Big Data, and no one knows exactly how these infrastructures function.”