Regula Staempfli: Digitalisation TEDx-Talks. “No Data without Representation” by DigitalThinker laStaempfli

No Taxes without representation: The start of a global Revolution in 1776. In 2016 Dr. Regula Staempfli, who had formulated her first critique on #Codes and #Algorithms already as early as 2003, presented at TEDx BERN the concept of: No Data without Representation.

NO DATA WITHOUT REPRESENTATION. by Digital Thinker Dr. Staempfli

Groundbreaking ideas are laStaempflis brand.

But the #Genderbias in the #DigitalWorld does prevent the great thinkers to be received broadly. Men quote men, men study work by men, men ruin #Digitalisation by merely concentration on men. In 2013 Regula Staempfli presented her speech on the algorithmic bias in TEDx VADUZ. WHY WINNIE THE POOH IS RIGHT AND GOOGLE IS WRONG – THE TEDX VADUZ GOT THE TITLE WRONG, OH WELL.

Die Medienrezeption war gross: