TA-SWISS-FUTUREPODCAST on Whistleblowing& Digital Change: Regula Staempfli interviews author, researcher and post-doctoral fellow Philip Di Salvo on the future of Journalism

Philip Di Salvo is a post-doctoral researcher based at Università della Svizzera italiana (USI)’s Insitute of Media and Journalism. Podcast in English – listen in:

Philip Di Salvo, Author, Researcher at the EJO: “Digital Whistleblowing Platforms in Journalism. Encrypting Leaks: Palgrave Macmillan, London 2020.

Philip Di Salvo does research about whistleblowing, investigative journalism, Internet surveillance and the relationship between journalism and hacking. At USI, he teaches journalism both at the Master and Bachelor levels. Philip received his PhD in Communication Sciences from USI with a dissertation about the adoption of encrypted whistleblowing platforms in journalism in summer 2018. Since 2018, Philip is also a lecturer at NABA – New Academy of Fine Arts in Milan, Italy. As a freelance journalist, he writes for Wired, Motherboard/Vice, Esquire and other publications covering the social impacts of technology. At USI, Philip also works as the European Journalism Observatory (EJO) Italian editor. Philip has authored two books: “Leaks. Whistleblowing e hacking nell’età senza segreti” (LUISS University Press, Rome, 2019) and “Digital Whistleblowing Platforms in Journalism. Encrypting Leaks” (Palgrave Macmillan, London, 2020). Here Regula Staempfli and Philip Di Salvo talk about the World of secrecy, data, platform capitalism, surveillance, encryption and what is needed for a democratisation of digitalisation.

Link to Episode: http://ta-swiss-futurepodcast.online/philip-di-salvo-on-democracy-data-whistleblowers-great-journalism