laStaempfli on #AI & #KI and #Algorithmic Bias: TEDx 2013 (The World is only ready for her message in 2020…)


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Regula Stämpfli, Swiss-born, lives in Munich and works as a columnist and lecturer in Germany, France and Switzerland. For four years she worked on a modern interpretation of Hannah Arendt’s vita activa, published in Brussels in 2007 as Die Macht des richtigen Friseurs (The Power of a Proper Hairdresser). in 2013 she wrote: “The Poetry of Algorithms and the future of the Pixel-Gaze”, critique of modernist perception of time, and of mankind and its labours. Together with IFG Ulm, her professional advisory board, Regula Stämpfli initiated a publicity program called Designing Politics -The Politics of Design for the HFG Ulm institute in 2007. The Ulm Discussions continue within various design networks. In 2013, Stämpfli’s book Die Vermessung der Frau (The Metric Woman) was published by the publisher, Gütersloher Verlagshaus. The book gained high recognition (second edition was published after only four months) and has received innumerable reviews and readings, including TV and radio programs.

In 2018 laStaempfli wrote “Trumpism. Ein Phänomen verändert die Welt”, which was a Bestseller in Austria with a long book tour. Staempfli develops the theory of digital democracy in regards to communication and how Trumpism is a method rather than just a mishap in history. The book is one of the best critiques on #Bankspeak, #Ratings, #Polls and applies Hannah Arendts Vita Activa. 

A multi-faceted intellectual, Stämpfli is known from her written works and television appearances as a sharp-witted analyst, columnist and inspirational talker. Opinions of her vary greatly: the Neue Zürcher Zeitung once referred to her as “Nervewrecker from Brussels”, whereas her students have called her “The Lara Croft of Political Science”. Her popular works comprise additional books, including a collection of her articles, among  there an exhibition and a book on women and their professions. Staempfli teaches political philosophy at the University of St. Gallen.